Quirky wedding video by photographer Camera Hannah

New for 2014 I offer optional video highlights coverage alongside my photography. 

I am incredibly passionate about my work and creating an emotional account of every wedding that I am lucky enough to be a part of. In the summer of 2013 one of my brides was looking for a videographer at the last minute so that she could share her day with a loved one who had suddenly fallen ill and couldn't attend. When the wedding day came around and she hadn't sorted out someone to film the day I decided to secretly film parts of the day and edit them together for her. It was a great success, and something that I really enjoyed and so I decided to start experimenting a bit more with the film funcion of my camera. 

After filming a few more weddings over the summr I decided to officially add film-making to my services. It's really important to me to stress that what I offer in terms of video is not the same as a service provided by dedicated videographers: I do not offer full filming of the day but edited highlights without sound recording. If you're looking for a feature length record then I'd be more than happy to recommend some of the very awesome camera folk that I know. The films that I create are more of an added extra, like wizard photographs, little glimses of movement and moments that compliment the still images.

Optional video can be added to your photography package for £425 and includes:
  • An edited 3+ minute video compilation, set to properly licensed music of footage filmed at my discretion throughout the wedding day. 
  • A skilled second photographer on the day working alongside me to make sure that as much as possible is captured. I only work with photographers that I know and trust to create beautiful images and compliment my own informal style of working. A second photographer also gives an extra perspective at valuable moments such as during the ceremony and gives you extra photographs as well as allowing me the opportunity to film small parts of the day.